Back in the game… kind off

Now if I can only sort my cards.

My game mood to play back L5R is back on track methinks. Most of my real life stuffs has settled down more or less and onwards to new projects and ventures to keep me vitalized.

I look at the current environment locally and find it interesting. Honor is more or less dead. The only honor available is a Kitsune Animal Kingdom Honor, which is slowly losing steam as the military players have adapted to the deck. Military is as ever prevalent in the environment, no enlightened ones in sight and dishonor is making some appearance via Yasuki and Bayushi dishonor remains as annoying as ever. Ninja makes an appearance. They are quite good, but a bit lacking in force. Some of the more militant deck can withstand them by simply being higher force overall.

I have a few interesting deckstyles to go with, the skeleton of the decks are done, but I need more refinement before bringing it out locally.


Dragon Military Courtier Military/Honor.

Phoenix Military Dishonor / Enlightenment.


I have something in mind for Henshin, but we will see how the first two deck shape up before I move to the henshins.

Back to first line post… if I can only sort my cards out…. I can build the actual physical deck… sigh..


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  1. I’ve been experimenting with Henshin a lot recently, trying to put together something. I know you may not be ready to build a deck yet, but would you mind sharing with me your preliminary ideas via E-mail?

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