Post Kotei 2012 Season wrap ups.

Kotei Season is finally over. The final tally, as expected, the underdog, Spider only wins 1 kotei and the second lowest clan, Crane, only has 2 wins. The top dog is Dragon with 12 wins via mostly kensais and crab clan coming in 2nd with 10 wins.

Clan claims of Ivory Kingdom

Sorted by number of wins (extracted from the forums and some spreadsheet online)
Dragon 11 wins
Crab 10 wins
Lion 9 wins
Scorpion 8 wins
Mantis & Unicorn 6 wins
Phoenix 5 wins
Crane 2 wins
Spider 1 win

It’s balanced by the fact that there is at least a single kotei win per clan, but unbalanced in the terms of power level of the kensais and the natural resilience of the crab clan, being their vital key action would be the Duty of the Crab to take unopposed army and Nikaru.

TSE will be released soon, so while I personally think that the Crab clan will still be a top contender tier in Gencon, the other clans also gets some choice toys to handle them and the majority of the field.
Naturally, I support the phoenix, but I have a feel that dishonor will be heavily play this gencon, knocking out the potential honor run decks out in the environment, leaving only military to take on dishonor, which usually have a field day doing so. Military decks tends to lose out to honor deck due to turbo honor speed.

Gencon is in August, we will see in a month and a half’s time.

Go Phoenix!!


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