Doom of Honor. Or is it?

We’ve seen the previews. The number of anti-honour cards are staggering. Honour running may be a thing of the past since it’s getting lesser options every day the previews of TSE are running. But is it the end though? There’s still a couple of things we can do right to make it competitive. But at the cost of stability.

My first thought was to run a rocket honour deck. It’s designed to be fast, with no safety nets on. In 15 minutes you’ll either win or lose. The problem with this deck is that it is very hand intensive and maintaining an acceptable hand size (normally 2) while surviving by the skin of your teeth without running into any honour meta seems like a very brittle glass cannon to me.

The other one is obviously switch. Honour is nice and all but it is obvious that more emphasis is given to muscle this time around. So make sure you have enough of it in case things go south (it is at the moment). The only problem would be to balance cards that you need to win a battle vs those that gain you honour. Bow cards are favourable, since it’s a useful battle action that normally gains you honour, but it’s not a perfect solution to keep you safe.

It’s a very tricky environment for honour runners at the moment. But tricky environments normally gives birth to unexpected janky surprises.


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