Kotei Season Wrap up

 Kotei season is almost over for 2012. If you see from the results, clearly 2-3 clans are dominating, Crab / Dragon / Lion.

The top decks are mainly,

Lion Paragon

Dragon Kensai

Crab Scout

Crab Berserker


Other clans are close by, but the bottom tier clan in this scenario is Crane and Spider, with Spider having no victory as of this moment. The new batch of cards in The Shadow Embraces is supposed to be Gencon legal and from what I’ve seen so far, Honor is being heavily meta-ed and it looks like back to CE, after the release of Only Action Speaks, where Honor decks are dead, only the brokenness of Embassy stronghold for Crane only is the honor decks.

We will have to see the rest of previews before commenting further.

But one thing for sure, TSE was designed as a normal expansion and not as a direct-to-player set, so it’s obvious from the current set of previews, some of the power level of the cards are just not there, simply since they were designed to be draft friendly, with lower power level to be used for constructed.

In other words, lots of junks… but it does have some necessary staples.


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