Stuck in a rut

Yes! EoW has come and already AEG has announced the new factory set. But enough about that. I’m sure everyone is kinda used to how EoW is changing the environment right now, but more importantly, EoW cards change existing decks. I find a lot less plug in new cards into an existing deck and play compared to other existing expansions. The new cards shake things up.

Dynasty side, it forces you to rethink and retool your gold scheme and personality ratio simply because the good new cards are meant to be played differently. Take Temple Fortress for example. It is flexible, the tempo it gives to honour running decks is huge, but it is 4 for 2. This itself forces you to rethink your gold scheme because you’re going to spend a lot more on a lot less gold to bring out your peeps with.

I’ve already dismantled my rocket running deck because I realised that the new cards won’t work with the deck. It’s painful dismantling a deck that gave you such a good time, but I know that if I still stick to it, I’ll be severely left behind. Lots of toys for all clans (and ronin) this time around. The new sensei cards are awesome, though the “singular” personality makes you think a bit on whether it’s worth putting more than one copy or not.

Lots of options. Yet too much I feel. Deciding what old staples to be replaced with the new cards can be a headache sometimes. Except in my case, it’s always a headache.

p/s: I’ve been building a new deck for 3 days and I haven’t got started on the Fate deck yet. >.<


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