Top Phoenix Kotei Malaysia 2012

The end of kotei malaysia 2012. It’s considered to be the best yet so far and like any event, it should be getting better and better. Something to hope for Kotei in 2013.

I crashed at top 8, placing finally at number 6. I managed to achieve my objective of top Phoenix, which I’m glad.

I have never been that much good in writing tourney report. I consider the event done and i try not to remember so much about what happens in the game anyway. Poor short term memory? hah.

Anyway, I ran a Phoenix magistrate/courtier honor out of Temple of Purity. Below, is my decklist.

Temple of Purity
Border Keep XP / Bamboo XP

3x Silver Mine
3x Temple of Hotei
2x Merchant Atoll
2x Travelling Peddler
3x Magistrate’s Stipend

1x Isawa Sakonoko
1x Isawa Mitsuko xp
3x Asako Izuna
3x Asako Kaitoko
3x Asako Moeru
3x Otomo Demiyah
3x Asako Tsunefusa
3x Asako Rinshi
3x Agasha Kodo
1x The Turquoise Championship
1x Imperial Gift
1x Disgrace
1x Naoharu’s Gift
1x Ebisu’s Honesty
1x Cherry Blossom Festival

1x The Fires of War
1x Besieged
3x Wall of Honor
2x Favors
2x Rhetoric
2x Forging Destiny
3x Flooded Pass
3x Unimpeachable Name
2x No Time for Games
2x Dismissing the Cur
3x Seek the Stain
1x Asako House Guard
2x Discovering a Conspiracy
1x Pearl of Embers
1x A Game of Dice
2x Singh Remnants
3x Desperate Mediation
1x Ring of Earth
2x Winds of Dismissal
1x Broken Alliance
3x The Law’s Strength
1x Inteference


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