Burn Up!

No, this is not an anime review. Usually after Kotei the players will have a L5R burn out and drift off to other random games.

Not this year.  We’re getting loads of deck ideas and combos it’s crazy over here. I got hit by the same bug too, especially after the draft, where I happened to construct a scout deck (thanks guys!).  It’s another simple deck that packs a surprising punch. It feels eerily similar to my Crane honour deck that I’ve decided to give it a shot.

Here’s a problem: where I worked with boxables before, Crane scouts do not share the same luxury. With 9 gold being on the top end and a 7-8 gold on average, coming up with a balanced gold scheme that has supporting holdings is a bit of a challenge for me. Plus I’m not even sure whether I want to go follower heavy? Weapon and armour heavy? Extra mobility? Extra kill? Military is such an alien concept to me that it’s exciting to think about it.

So let’s start with the basics:

Hidden Falls Dojo

It’s definitely a bonus to include all scouts into the deck to make it easier to play, but I’m wondering if I could be a little bit flexible and provide extra courtier/shugenja support to augment a basic scout deck? Stuff like The Law’s Strength and even Inexplicable Challenge is tickling me to include them in.


Definitely need a healthy does of Recon actions to unlock scout abilities to make them perform better. But I still need a good dose of generic strategy cards so anyone in my deck could use it.


This will be tricky. I officially suck at allocating gold for attachments because I have a nasty habit of allocating all of them on personalities. In honour, I need presence to keep having actions. In military, from my observation, I need persistence. My guys need to be in battle as long as possible so I use my hand as little as possible in return.

So yes, lots of things to consider and worry about. Winning a battle is one thing, racing against an honour runner is another. This should be fun.


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