Another cheap Kyuden Otomo deck

Unlike my first attempt of an EE only, rare free deck, I will impose no such restrictions this time around. But I will try to minimize the use of rares if I can help it. First, this is an honour running deck. I’m not sure if it can rocket, but it’s definitely running. It’s also unlike any other honour running deck because using staple rares like Favors and Dismissing the Cur could potentially hurt it. But then again, there’s nothing to stop you from subbing those cards in if you wish. I’ll try and make this deck as easily accessible as possible to a new player (that means, no FL cards). Ready? Get set, go!

* Rares will be marked with an (R) in this deck list

Kyuden Otomo xp

Border Keep

Bamboo Harvester

3x Asahina Yasutora
3x Kakita Seishi
3x Doji Dainagon
3x Doji Tatsuki
3x Doji Shunya
2x Asahina Munefusa
3x Otomo Demiyah
Asahina Kitiaru (R)
Doji Makoto

3x Well-Tended Farm
3x Small Farm
2x Large Farm
2x Marketplace
3x Temple of Hotei
1x Traveling Peddler (R)

Doji’s Guidance xp
1x Overgrown Grove
1x Blighted Region (R)
1x Refuge of the Tree Sisters

3x Remember Your Ancestors
3x Tell the Tale
3x One Koku
3x Heavily Engaged
2x Flooded Pass
2x Rhetoric
3x Unimpeachable Name
3x Forging Destinies
2x Back to the Front
2x Block Supply Lines
2x Shameful Injury
3x Courtesy of the Crane
2x The Empress’ Address (R)
2x Inexplicable Challenge (R)

3x Chrysanthemum Blossom
Asahina House Guard

Ring of Fire
Ring of the Void

Impossible you say? Well, with 7 rares I think it turned out pretty alright. The key to the deck is options and flexibility. Which is why some supposedly “bad” cards made it’s way into the deck. Take Refuge of the Three sisters for example. It’s not going to win any popularity contests anytime soon and it never made it into any decks so far. But knowing how how defensive rockets work, having the correct card at the correct time will help you win games.

I tried to keep the main honour gaining engine contained within the dynasty deck as much as possible, but little accelerators like Tell the Tale really help over time. Plus it has no performers/target requirements so it’s pretty much a guaranteed gain.

This deck falls inline with my recent philosophy that small 1 honour gains are harder to thwart than big ones. It’s because they’re so insidiously small, people won’t bother spending a card to stop it. And try to chuck/kill Otomo Demiyah as much as you can and get her back with The Empress’ Address. 😉 It’ll add up really quick.

Also note that for me, tomorrow is Kotei 😀 This is more to relax and not think about my deck as much. New deck ideas on the eve of Kotei can be dangerous, so getting this out of my system can get me focused on the tournament at hand. If you’re strapped on cash and want to give KOx a try, try this deck. It might surprise you,


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