Malifaux: Fire and Ice

Just a quick run through with Malifaux Crew builder and I stumbled across this delightful list:

Arcanist, 35 Soul Stones.

Rasputina + Avatar of Famine

– Essence of Power


– Essence of Power

Fire Gamin x2

Ice Gamin x2

Soul Stone: 8

Yes…. It’s a cheesy list, but easily achievable by buying two starters, the avatar box and a couple of blisters. If you forgo the avatar and the totems, you’ll end up with:



Ice Gamin x3

Fire Gamin x3

Soul Stone: 7

Which, doesn’t seem half bad at all. All I know is that these gamins have a habit of exploding upon dying and they speed off quite well. Kaeris takes advantage of the Fire Gamins while the Ice Gamins and Rasputina are just there to be nasty. Did I tell you the Gamins explode? 😛

p/s: This is theory Malifaux at its infancy. But fret not, there will be a time when this list will be tested. I’ll give an update when that’s been done.


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