Flame on! A burning entry into Malifaux

For the record, I didn’t intend to get into this game. But, oh well 😛

Anyway, with the new expansion Twisted Fates out, I stumbled across one of the newer starter boxes: Kaeris, from the Arcanist faction. But before I delve into that, here’s a 10 second intro on what Malifaux is:

There’s a world/place called Malifaux that’s rich with Soul Stones, which fuels magic and other awesome stuff. So portals started opening from other dimensions/worlds leading to it. And the people who know about it wants the Soul Stones all for themselves. So that’s why you see gremlins, undead, cowboys, steampunk constructs and victorian stuff get mixed up in one game. It all makes sense if you can wrap your head around it. Like Warmachine, there’s a central Warcaster-like figure called the Master. And the army is called a Crew. The biggest divert from other wargames is that it uses a deck of cards instead of dice, but everything else is the same. There’s no front arc like Anima Tactics and each character has a chockful of abilities.

Anyway, Kaeris. She’s no Master, in fact, she’s just a Henchman. But she can have her own crew while any of her Arcanist Masters are not available for some reason. She has a very limited list to build her army with, but that might change with future expansions. So her starter comes with 3 Fire Gamins and 2 Gunsmiths, totalling 24 Soul Stone’s worth of Crew in the box. Getting it up to 30 is as easy as buying another 6+pt model. I haven’t played a game with her yet but she looks awesome. Already I’m thinking up of sculting a flame base for her and some random normal bases for the rest.

But from what I can see from her cards, the models synergize well with each other. The abilities and Kaeris’ own spell list end up giving bonuses or opportunities to inflict major pain (especially to those that are burning). But her play style is a bit suicidal I think? A ranged spell caster that likes to be thick in the action is the ultimate form of risk I can think of in a miniatures game. I’ll know more after playing it at  an upcoming local tournament (or maybe a random scrap or two). But I intend to fully paint and base my crew before use, which might be sooner than I think. Stay tuned for pics!


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