WS: A habit that might cost you the game

I’ve been playing Weiss Schwarz for a while now and I noticed that while the deck design is a key component to win a game, it is not the deciding factor. The game heavily relies on the player mentality that’s running the deck as well as habits. It’s kinda like poker, where you play the player, not the deck, but not quite.

One of these habits is how you stack your Climaxes when they hit the Waiting Room.

We often want to keep track how many Climax cards are in the Waiting Room, whether it’d be for ourselves or for our opponents. The number dictates whether we’re ready to launch that heavy soul attack or not. But one thing I noticed is that by stacking Climaxes, the next Refresh is going to be problematic. Most players reinsert the Climax as evenly as possible before shuffling them back, but there is one courtesy that will screw this up: opponent cutting the deck.

When an opponent cuts a deck of somewhat evenly spaced Climaxes, what normally happens is two things:

a) Clumping of two Climaxes

or worse:

b) A huge gap between two Climax cards.

For the first scenario, it’s only bad if you’re going to draw them after Clocking. That’ll eventually lead to scenario (b). The second one is worse because that gap will be your damage if our opponent is smart and not dealing huge amounts of soul damage in one go.

Not to say that leaving your Climax cards as they are will eradicate this problem, but with proper shuffling tech, these potential mistakes could be minimized.

Is this 100% accurate? Is there a more scientific explanation to this post? Nope. But it happens often enough in my observations that it gets me wondering about it.


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