Tao of Emperor Dueling

So, dueling in EE has a huge flaw: It’ll suck your Fate deck dry FAST. Forget the fact that you regularly need to tap your Fate cards for actions, the resulting maximum focusing will put a stress in your hand as well as your deck. So, how do we go around this? As a self-professed dueling buff, I refuse to give up on it. Thus I found some tricks which might help, but it’s not a guarantee.

1) Bully duel: Gone are the days when your 3C duelist is THE man. Now, he/she’s just a schmuck. Targeting someone with equal chi is more risky than ever now. So target a guy with a lower chi. The bigger the margin, the better. It’s safe to call strike when your 6 chi dude calls strike against a 2 chi dude, even if he focuses more than you.

2) Be economical: You can’t really go overboard and throw away cards and drawing them with impunity. Unlike before, your Fate deck is a more important commodity than ever now. Get more useful and reusable abilities from your Dynasty deck. Protect your useful peeps with redirection with Chugo Seido or Ryoshun’s Guidance, or your Yojimbos (if applicable). Just keep in mind that sometimes, the non-unique grunt is more important than your flashy uniques.

Don't trust this

3) Don’t duel: Well, not often. Or more accurately, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Duels are expensive and losing or even drawing one can be catastrophic. Use it when you REALLY have to and choose your targets wisely. Your duels are precision lasers aimed at creating the biggest impact with one action. Flaunt them needlessly, and you’ll find yourself without any Fate deck to focus with at all. Pack your deck with useful cards that can remove threats other than duels. Which brings us to:

4) Packing every single duel action ever printed in full play sets is a disaster waiting to happen: Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’d pack 1 set of Limited, Open and Battle duels. And even then, not all of them at 3 copies per duel.

5) Use Spiked Tetsubo: I’m only half joking about this. 🙂 You’ll thank me later when your Doji Makoto is trying to duel Shiba Tsukimi.


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