Take Back the earth

No, this is not an article on Mass Effect 3. I got mine yesterday as well, but I put it aside for now mainly since i have FFXIII-2 to finish up for the secret ending. Need to get 7 more fragment for the 160 full secret ending tech.

But I’m not talking bout that either. What I’m talking about is an L5R Deck for today. With the local metagame is unusually focused on military compared to others, honor has become a game of finesse. I was still testing my variant of Phoenix Honor when i decided to check out the neighboring honor deck, Dragon Clan. The build is quite good. I wouldn’t call it top tier, but it can hold out to majority of the decks.

Honor is the objective of the game, the quicker the better.

1 Dragon’s Breath Castle (Bow tech upon assignment)
1 Border Keep (better for consistent flow)
1 Bamboo Harvesters xp (Card draw needed if you start second)

# Dynasty (42)

# Region (1)
1 The Second CIty (Courtier Magistrate)

# Events (2)
1 Imperial Gift (Free 2 honor)
1 Naoharu’s Gift (Either draw or honor)

# Holdings (17)
2 Governor’s Court
3 Temple of Hotei
3 Well-Tended Farm
3 Merchant Atoll
3 Recruitment Officer (Chump blockers)
1 Traveling Peddler

# Personalities (22)
3 Kitsuki Horume
3 Kitsuki Kinaro (Boxable 3PH)
3 Mirumoto Ezuno (Dragon version of danjuro/daizan)
3 Tamori Tomaru (Boxable 3PH)
3 Tamori Shosei (Temple honor)
1 Tamori Ruya (Bow 2 for the price of 1)
3 Tamori Kazuhige (Ping for honor or kill)
3 Otomo Demiyah (Courtier and honor gain)

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (24)
3 Dismissing the Cur (slap in the face)
3 Favors (More honor)
2 Sundering Strike (just in case send home)
2 Broken Alliance (destroy attachment in open)
3 Wall of Honor (Province pump and honor)
1 Fruitless Search (Sacrficial chump blocker)
3 Flooded Pass (No presence nonsense)
1 Creating Order
3 Rhetoric
1 A Game of Dice
2 Unimpeachable Name

# Spells (13)
3 Consecration (Assign and i gain)
3 Drawing on the Mountain
3 Obscured Pathways
3 The Mountain’s Power
1 Warded Paths (To choose the battlefield resolvement)

# Rings (3)
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of the Void
1 Ring of Water

By far not the best, it’s just a version i would like to share. Seeing that ME3 tagline of take back the earth reminds me a lot of the Tamori and their earth shugenja brethren. Have fun.


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