6g for 5

Came across a very interesting gold scheme the other day:

3x Colonial Harbor
3x Magistrate’s Stipend
2x Prosperous Village

That’s it. No doubt it’ll start trending soon, but I can’t help but wonder how 3 Colonial Harbor and 3 Prosperous Village would look like. Let’s think for a minute:

1 holding = 1 peep

That’s a huge advantage if you look at it closely. A couple of those would ensure a turnout of 2 peeps per turn while having enough gold for a mid cost attachment or two. Not only that, but other utility holdings like Well-Tended Farm and Second City Dojo would be free to utilize their usage without being pulled into double duty to provide gold. Which begs to differ on one norm:

Will 3x clan holdings be crucial from now on? Or will 1, 2 or no copies would be enough?

Posted on March 5, 2012, in Emperor Edition, l5r, The Little Sensei. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. It works mainly coz it’s a Scorpion deck with 1 set of 0g personality cost. Irezu.

    Without the free peep thing, the deck will have issues.

    • With Uta on the way, it’s going to address that issue. Plus for the Crane, they already have Kakita Seishi that does the same, but her actual use is kinda limited.

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