Shiro Shiba Version Alpha

I talked about it last week or so, with regards to playing Shiba Samurais in EE using the new Shiro Shiba. With Melee the new replacement rather than higher force kill, it makes the deck consistent 6F killer but at the same time it can’t handle much attachment.

I spoke about a deck list, so here it is.

1x shiro shiba

1x border keep xp
1x bamboo harvesters xp

1x jurojin’s blessings
1x times of strife

3x colonial harbor
1x travelling peddler
3x silver mine
3x ageless shrine
1x falling rain dojo
1x chugo seido
1x rugashi bazaar
3x recruitment officer

1x shiba tsukimi xp4
1x isawa kimi xp2
1x kuronada xp2
1x shiba jouta xp
1x asako chukage
3x shiba sawaken
3x masatane
3x isawa kaname
3x shikaro
2x shiba kudome
3x kunji

1x ring of water
1x creating order
1x a game of dice
1x the fires of war
1x Peace
1x fruitless search
2x a yojimbo’s duty
3x Gift Armor
3x wyrmbone katana
3x hidden defenses
2x brothers in battle
3x singh remnants
3x nakanu technique
3x know no fear
2x heart of darkness
3x entrenched position
3x revenge
2x ancient feud
2x treachery and deceit

It didn’t do too well but not too bad either. It’s a decent attrition deck, so i presume it’s in the midst of tier 1.5 or tier 2. Phoenix Samurais for start of EE arc and kotei season looks rather bleak, as it will lose to higher force peeps of the more militant decks.


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