Single box madness (WS, Fate Stay/Night)

Sometimes, a single box of WS can net you the most random deck you’ve ever built, yet everything fits. There’s no colour restrictions, no theme other than I want everything under ‘s groove and feel that makes it unique. Bought more rares and packs but they don’t fit the deck, those better cards broke it. So here’s the deck that kinda got me tickled. It’s fast, it’s a glass cannon. And it has every class except Caster (maybe I should change something to include the ol’ girl).

“Fuyuki City”

FS/S03-099 CC : Winter Forest x2
FS/S03-023 CR : Golden Goodbye x1
FS/S03-074 CC : Parting Words x2
FS/S03-024 CC : Sword of Promised Victory x2
FS/S03-048 CR : Happy, Sakura? x1

Level 0
FS/S03-003 R : Demon Instructor Saber x1
FS/S03-014 C : Ryuudou Issei x1
FS/S03-012 C : Out of the Bath Saber x2
FS/S03-054 R : Guy with a Lack of Devotion Archer x1
FS/S03-058 U : Rin and Shirou x1
FS/S03-064 C : Crimson Knight Archer x2
FS/S03-078 R : Illyasviel von Einzbern x1
FS/S03-087 C : Number One Disciple x2
FS/S03-033 U : Cavalry Swiftness Rider x2
FS/S03-039 C : Sera x2
FS/S03-040 C : Leysritt x2

Level 1

FS/S03-015 C : Fully Powered Heroic Spirit Saber x3
FS/S03-016 C : Illya & Shirou x2
FS/S03-066 C : Saber Alter x3
FS/S03-080 R : Brutal Child Illya x1

Level 2
FS/S03-036 U : Crimson Death Lancer x1
FS/S03-027 RR : Legendary Heroic Spirit Beserker x1
FS/S03-069 R : Rho Ais x1
FS/S03-071 U : Zelretch’s Gem Sword x1
FS/S03-052 RR : “Dark Holy Sword” Saber x1
FS/S03-068 U : Black Holy Grail Sakura x2
FS/S03-077 RR : The Little Holy Grail Illya x1
FS/S03-002 RR : King of Knights Saber x1
FS/S03-004 R : Most Ancient King Gilgamesh x1
FS/S03-018 C : Bearer of the Holy Sword Saber x2

Level 3
FS/S03-061 U : Rin and Archer x1
FS/S03-006 R : Shirou and Saber x1
FS/S03-094 R : Buddy Trio x1
FS/S03-086 U : Illya and Berserker x1

Very simple deck. Discard according to what’s in your hand, play the curve, and hit those +2 soul climax cards with a vengeance when they show up 🙂

But that’s the easy version. The deck is riddled with simple cards that provide adequate power as well as some situational cards that can turn the tables in your favour at the right time. The core philosophy of this deck is to move freely like a river and strike hard like a waterfall. By right, you shouldn’t have any problems getting the correct colour into your level/clock to play your hand.

Be warned though that this deck drains your hand FAST, often driving your Encore bonuses down to none. But if you’re careful with how you play your cards, you can conserve your people on the table long enough to sustain a healthy hand count (healthy as in more than 1).

Just something to share from opening one box. What can you build with one box? Share it here by replying in the comments and we’ll test it out to see if it rocks or not 😉


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