Become a god…. and retire in Godville

Usually, I prefer to keep this blog from posting about console/pc/iOS/Android gaming in nature, as the field is very wide to cover, and there are many various gaming/blog that is dedicated to it. This blog we mainly keep mini / ccg / boardgaming.

But today is an exception. The only out of topic gaming i would to talk about today, is a MMOZPG. THat’s Multiplayer Online Zero Player Game.

You got that right, Zero Player Game.

So how does that work? Well, the game’s premise, is that you’re a God and you have a minion/follower/avatar who will spread your name/fame across the land. You create both these characters and off your minion will go on his/her own adventure with minimal supervision.

That’s right, you dont control your hero. All you do as a god is just to give occasional godly blessings or punishment from the heavens.

Most of the other random stuff, such as adventuring, collecting golden bricks to build your temple, fighting monsters, buy/sell equipment to upgrade themselves, healing and arena fighting, is on them. They do by themselves and update what they are doing via twitter like updates every half a minute or so.

It’s damn random, but i’m enjoying to see what stupidity is my hero up to.

Click here for the game… Godville.


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