Army of coolness

If you’re like me, who doesn’t really care about the combo and stats of something but would like to have a cool looking Warmachine army, here’s a list that I cooked up that would totally rock the table looks-wise, if not game-wise 😛

50 points: Poke and Saw

– Torch
– Decimator
– Spriggan
– War Dog
Man-o-War Bombardiers (full)
Iron Fang Uhlans (min)
Kovnik Markov
Man-o-War Drakhun (no dismount)

If I want to totally keep it in theme, I suppose I could replace the Drakhun with a couple of Uhlans to round it up to a unit of awesomeness. Chainsaws and lances sans Warcaster, but maybe the new cavalry Vlad will command this army. Here’s the progression list for 15, 25 and 35 points:

Base (15 points):
– Torch
Man-o-War Bombardiers (max)
If you play the Drakhun, min bombs and an unmounted Drakhun fits here as well.

Alpha upgrade (25 points):
+ Decimator
+ War Dog

Beta upgrade (35 points):
+ Spriggan

Delta upgrade (50 points):
+ the horsies.

Tournament worthy? Probably not. But it’ll definitely look impressive.


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