Drafting EE in L5R

Draft release for L5R Emperor Edition was run yesterday at our local store. While the recommended draft suggested by AEG to be 5x Emperor Edition (EE) boosters or 2x EE boosters and 2x Expansion boosters, we have to opt differently. Reason being, the local players are not willing to fork out for more SC, (Second City expansion) but yet at the same time they balked at the new rising premium prices. After a discussion with the store owner, he was willing to meet mid way, providing 3x EE boosters and 1x SC boosters, with some lowered price for SC boosters to cover for it.

Fortunately, most of the group was familiar with MTG drafting, so it was similar sitting arrangements and stuff was randomized but most are not used to play in draft and as such, i noticed that half the field of players did not recognize the drafting power bombs or, due to the fact that we wanted to run keep draft format, (you keep what you drafted) I think that most players just went ahead to get the best cards they can get instead of focusing so much on the draft itself.

What I learned from experience and from the draft yesterday is worth a few tips here.
1) Keywords are important. Anything with the key Cavalry, Tactitian, Naval is gold. As they built-in ability via rulebook that you can access.
2) Even in the first turn, use the stronghold first ability first, gain 2 honor. This will help you tremendous in later turn should you decide to switch to honor run.
3) Battle ability is king. Things like Battle:ranged 4 is necessary for attrition. The more PK you have, the more you can clear the board and take provinces and win games.
4) Outright PK —> Send home —> Bow in Battle —> Vanilla Peep. Enuf said.
5) Draft cavalry cards as many as you can. It anti-s cavalry and proivide the best solution to snipe province.
6) Take the imperial favour, taking it all the time. Repetable action is always good. Less fate resources used to do it.
7) The major personality gold cost ‘sweet spot’ is 4g, 6g and 8g peep, odd numbers you will find yourselves overpaying and any higher than 8g, you risk cloggin deck the people you can’t buy especially clunky 2g for 2g gold scheme.
8) When all else fails, just honor run and hope for the best. If you have to lose, make it a loss with style! Fun is important!

Draft is completely playable under the new draft set of rules. The only gripe I noticed is that starting the game first wins… Without the additional gold for 2nd player via Bamboo Harvestesrs, 1st player that starts will have a better start if he gets the right godhand.

Opening boosters however, is another beast all together. We’ll tackle that another time.


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