Budget Crane ver 2

A more cleaned up and streamlined version of the previous deck:

Kyuden Otomo xp
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvester

Doji’s Guidance xp
Boastful Proclamation
3x Delayed Arrival

1x Falling Rain Dojo
3x Large Farm
3x Marketplace
3x Rugashi Bazaar
3x Small Farm
3x Well-tended Farm

3x Doji Genshin
Doji Makoto
3x Doji Shunya
3x Doji Tatsuki
3x Kakita Genshi
3x Doji Atsumichi
3x Asahina Michiru

Asahina House Guard

Ring of Earth
Ring of the Void

2x Rhetoric
3x Block Supply Lines
1x He’s Mine!
2x Flooded Pass
3x Vigilant Eyes
3x Paid Off
3x Remember Your Ancestors
3x Shameful Injury
3x Steel on Steel
3x Superior Opponent
3x The Courtesy of the Crane
2x The Law’s Strength
3x The Shadow Court
3x Treachery and Deceit

As you can see there’s been some work being done across the board. The personality selection is tighter, gold scheme is more streamlined and the actions are more focussed by oddly, not being so duel-y. By taking the focus out of duels and giving a much more broader range, the deck came to be more streamlined and easier to play. Probably because that having only 1 playset of duels, having so many funky focus effects and duel intensive cards (like Final Confrontation and Bend Like a Reed) made no sense.

Yet the general focus pool is more stable and on the higher end compared to the previous deck. Obviously this will be a totally different beast once you start adding stuff from other sets. The focus of the deck will definitely change. Having cards like Doji Shigeyuki and Doji Hakuseki xp2, which have active duel abilities, would warrant Bend Like a Reed and To First Blood, for example. 4FV duels like Duel of Haiku and Hired Swords can also be a huge plus in here.

My only pet peeve is that there are not a lot of artisan options yet. Dueling/artisan decks can be awesome thanks to the keyword distribution of its personalities. Maybe later down the road. But for now, I’m pretty happy with this 🙂


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