Keyword overload!

That’s the exact problem I’m having when building an L5R deck. There’s simply too many cool things around, you end up filling in a card you don’t need but looks cool because they’re unique and have awesome abilities, yet their keywords are totally out of sync with the rest of the deck.

So, I’m writing this post as sort of a personal reminder to myself in building future decks. May we all don’t go astray with our creativity and variety.

#1: Pick ONE theme: A theme could be anything. It could be an ability, an idea, a single keyword, anything. But keep to it and exploit the many different ways you that you can achieve the same goal. You’ll feel better about yourself if you can pull it off.

#2: Make sure that theme doesn’t splash: I wanna build a dueling honour running deck with courtiers for my honour runners and my duelists to protect them. It doesn’t fly. Well, not that well. First, there’ll be keyword conflict when building your Fate deck. Second, the wrong kind of personality popping up at the wrong time can suck. A lot.

#3: Specialize or generalize: If your chosen theme has a rainbow of keywords parading among your personalities, choose your Fate cards that can be used by everyone (or at least most of them). If you’re specialized, it’s even easier to build your Fate deck.

#4: Remember your curve: Economics. It’s very important to balance how much gold you have to buy out anything that you want during your turn. Having 2 playsets of 9-10 gold cost peeps while your deck is running Well-tended Farms and Small Farms makes little to no sense.

And there you have it, a short reminder to myself. You’re free to utilize this post if you wish. It won’t guarantee you a win, but it’ll make your choices a bit easier when building your deck.


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