AEG Crane deck lowdown

Most of my initial impression about the deck was correct. But then again, I only played the deck hands-on a couple of times but I fishbowled enough to cut down as many mistakes as I could playing the deck. Here’s the lowdown:

1) The low peep count made peep appearance on the table at 1 peep per turn on average. What this means is that there’s not enough warm bodies to keep the defenses and options up.

2) The actions are functional. They do what they’re supposed to do. Nothing more.

3) It’s a dueling deck that gives a lot of dueling options, but not a lot of opportunities to use it. Lethal duels are in. Non-lethal… well, let’s just say it won’t solve any problems.

Then again, this may be due to incorrect targeting on my side, but the timing of the deck itself is a challenge to get down pat.


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