First taste of AEG’s free decks. Grilled crane doesn’t taste that good.

So I downloaded and gave a first run of Crane’s dueling honor deck. On the plus side, I like the dynamics of the dynasty deck. The use of Events to randomly deal with threats is not really foolproof, but it certainly is fun and something to think about. The dynasty refresh is quick.

The fate side however, is the place where I am hesitant to call it a dueling deck in the first place. Off the wall, it’ll die to Dragon’s military dueling deck that doesn’t have any duelists in it. With the way dueling works in EE, those 3C duelists are becoming severely limited in their use without proper support from Band Like a Reed and Falling Rain Dojo.

In hindsight, it may just be me, since I was focusing my test run on dueling rather than honour running. One thing I do notice from this deck is that it has the potential to get more use out of the Ring of the Void but the deck doesn’t come with it. Dueling from hand is more preferable than from the top of the Fate deck with this one, but getting enough cards to fill your hand with good options is not so consistent.

I’m going to print out and test the previous deck that I’ve posted, my budget EE deck, and see how that one runs. I suspect I’ll be borrowing from the free deck’s gold scheme and personality/gold/stuff ratio a bit but not the Fate side. While I get more ink, I’ll be unlocking the underlying trick to playing this free deck. I’m pretty sure I’m missing something crucial here.

Addendum: I just looked at my Crane deck. Version 1.1 of the Poor Crane (or does Tattered Crane sound better?) will be coming soon!


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