Budget Scorpion EE deck. Why not?

Just helping out a friend wanting to start out with the Underhands. Not sure if it’ll work, there’s a heavy dependance on courtiers and there’s not a whole lot of them that are cheap. But the amount of honor punishment as well as defense/offense that they can dish out in combat is surprisingly good.

Midday Shadow Court

Bayushi’s Guidance XP

Successful Bounty

Family Library x3
Geisha House x3
Large Farm x3
Public Records x3
Rugashi Bazaar x3

Bayushi Irezu x3
Bayushi Kohaku x3
Bayushi Manami x3
Bayushi Nitoshi
Bayushi Waru x3
Shosuro Kameyoi x3
Shosuro Koshiba x3
Shosuro Rokuta x3

Refuge of the Three Sisters x2


Soshi House Guard

Ring of Fire
Ring of Void

Block Supply Lines x2
Confusion at Court x1
Heavily Engaged x2
Inspired Devotion x2
Paid Off x2
Remember Your Ancestors x3
Rhetoric x3
Selfless Defense x2
Shameful Injury x2
Summoned to Justice x3
The Law’s Strength x2
The Loyalty of the Scorpion x3
The Power of a Word x3
The Shadow Court x3
Veiled Menace x3
Words Have Strength x3

Noticed ninjas have an easier time to build a competent out of EE this time around though. But I think this deck will be fun.


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