Budget Crane EE deck? Anyone?

Lots of cool stuff waiting when EE shows up. But the Kolat Edition lets us experiment and play with it to our heart’s content legally while the actual cards get rolled out later in the month.

It’s easy to include multi-purpose and flexible rares to build a deck. Okay, not really, but it’s easier. The rares in L5R are good because it lets you do a lot of stuff. But suppose you only have EE and not much rares that can be put into your deck (though that is unlikely, but let’s just theorize for a moment). What do you do?

You build a deck sans rares except for the fixed cards that they give you. It was decidedly harder to build the following Crane deck but I think it captures the essence of playing Crane rather well. It’s not going to win tourneys, but it’s a good practice deck as well as something that you don’t building for a newbie. You’re going to get creamed using this deck, but not without having good chances of fighting back.

Underdog Poor Crane:

Kyuden Otomo XP

Doji’s Guidance XP

Wisdom Gained

Marketplace x3
Public Records x3
Well-Tended Farm x3
Rugashi Bazaar x3
Family Library x2
Falling Rain Dojo x2

Doji Makoto
Doji Shunya x3
Doji Tatsuki x3
Kakita Genshi x3
Doji Genshin x3
Asahina Michiru x3
Asahina Yasutora x3
Doji Atsumichi x3


Asahina House Guard

Spiked Tetsubo x1

Ring of the Void
Ring of Fire

Walking the Way x2

Bend like a Reed x1
Block Supply Lines x2
Fall Back! x2
Final Confrontation x2
He’s Mine! x1
Heavily Engaged x2
Meeting the Keepers x1
Paid Off x2
Remember Your Ancestors x3
Rhetoric x2
Shameful Injury x2
Steel on Steel x3
Summoned to Justice x2
Superior Opponent x2
Courtesy of the Crane x3
The Shadow Court x3
Treachery and Deceit x1

A little something for everything in this honour running deck. I believe playing this deck requires more finesse and calculative decisions than what I’m normally used to. It’s made up of fixed, commons and uncommons only at this point. Though if you can get a couple of Traveling Peddler for that awesome card draw that’d be great (yes, I said 2).

All I can say is use your Imperial Favor (and the tokens) aggressively. Go for broke, go for speed. Keep on cycling for the answers that you need NOW rather than plan for the following few turns. There are a few safety nets to help you keep your provinces intact for the first 2-3 turns or so, be prepared to sprint and target those duels carefully. Don’t waste them if they’re not needed.

They may seem like general advice, but it’ll play a big role as you go deeper into the game with this deck. Have fun!

-p/s: I can’t wait to build this and try out how long it can last against regular decks. 😉


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