2012 Gaming Resolution!

  1. Make insta WM plug and play Khador army: I’ll probably make a more detailed post about this one of these days, but for now, suffice to say it involves long deck boxes with 10-15 point army components where I can just mix and match to my heart’s content. Each box will have a Warcaster and his/her signature squad (of my choice).
  2. Catch up on L5R. The Cranes need to rise and make people cry again this year.
  3. Expand Firestorm Armada. Get the Apex Dreadnought first, talk later.
  4. Turkish army to invade Britannia in Dystopian Wars.
  5. Fate/Stay Night WS? Maybe?
  6. Review board games!
  7. and finally…

  8. Publish at least a print and play version of my own original card game! Working on that at the moment, having balance issues between component list vs good playability vs number of players at the moment. I’ll get there.

And that’s it! Maybe more will get slotted in and one or two (or more) stuff will get shelved from the list, but it’s good to have a somewhat visible roadmap to see where we’re headed.


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