Maybe I should see someone about this….

Happy New Year folks! It’s been an eventful 2011 for both WM and Hordes. Especially since the dying hours of the year saw me join the ranks of the Canine Company (yes, that definitely is the highlight of the year).

As far as list building goes, I have decided to let Kaya and her meddling dog spend time away from the battlefield. My current flirtation with Hordes comes in the form of Circle’s newest Warlock, Grayle the Farstrider. Kaya may be the choice caster for those who want to run beasts, but I have never been smart enough to go with conventional wisdom. Also, I cannot figure out how to use her feat.

Grayle’s hit-and-run style appeals to me. He’s mainly a finesse fighter who goes in to set up the kill for someone else, nevermind that the only game hes won involved rushing the Butcher of Khardov himself. There is a certain lack of hitting power when it comes to killing big targets, but it hasn’t been too much of an issue.

In other news, advancements need to be made on the Rhulic front. My dwarves call out for expansion, I can hear their whispers of power in my waking hours. There will be more to talk about soon…. very soon….


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