Expensive month for gaming, Jan 2012

Happy new year, 2012! Hopefully the whole mayan calendar thing is a joke and we live to see further than 2013.

Looking up in the gaming front, January 2012 is a heavy month of purchase for me.

This list is based on release date, but I assume some products takes time to arrive due to shipping and all that.

Jan 8th – Dystopian Wars CoA – Time Dilation Orb (Waterlined Version)
Jan 15th – Weiss Schwarz – Fairy Tail Extra Pack Boosters (Need around 4-6 boxes)
Jan 22nd – L5R Emperor Edition Pre-release Starter (1 starter and 2 boosters)
Jan 27th – Dystopian Wars CoA – Sky Fortress (1-2 models)
Jan 28th – Magic the Gathering – Dark ascension prerelease

Weekly purchase? Damn… This will definitely be an expensive month… and this doesn’t include upkeep maintenance of other gaming…


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