The Circle of Life

Starting a new army is generally accepted to be one of the more exciting aspects of the game. Taking that step into the abyss of uncertainty provides a certain satisfying dopamine rush. Reasons for starting a new army are myriad, but I, for one, do it because I like the aesthetics of the faction.

Which is why I’ve recently bought a small Circle of Oroboros battlegroup off a friend of a friend. Now, most don’t actually know this, but before madly dashing off into the world of Warmachine I was severely tempted to get started with Hordes. This was mainly due to a highbrow swords-and-sorcery phase where I at least expected some sort of mighty beast to appear on the battlefield. Hopefully on my behalf.

That’s all in the past now. Kaya the Moonhunter (eKaya for those of you who don’t remember titles) has brought her feral charm into my home, along with a pair of Warpwolves. I’ll be looking to add a Totem Hunter to the mix to back up the harassing pair of Croak Hunters I have lying around. This ragtag band will strike terror into the hearts of those who dare enter the forests.

Or just die horribly to all those guns people seem to have these days….

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