A can full of Vajras

The last time i had a game of weiss schwarz was quite a long while ago. And I must admit, the low season of L5R has hit hard.. nothing in the last 2-3 months has really made most of us almost die of boredom.

I relook into some of my other CCG and decided to visit Weiss Schwarz again.

Armed with Little Sensei’s spares of Macross Frontier, I decided to build a fun deck. Not knowing the entire cardpool of Weiss Schwarz for Macross Frontier, I called up the visual spoilers of Littleakiba.

Running through the spoiler, it dawned upon me, a very interesting weiss schwarz deck.. although… when i ran by LIttle Sensei, he said the deck has been around.. the barrier to building the deck is mainly getting 14 to 16 copies of the same common and another uncommon. Shows sometimes that what you think would be unique, seems quite obvious sometimes.

But I got lucky, scouring around for few days, i managed to get all the cards i needed.

The deck has no rares.. so here it is.

16x MF/S13-040 Vajra (Lesser)
14x MF/S13-034 Vajra (Greater)
4x MF/S13-044 Super Dimensional Cinderella Ranka Lee
4x MF/S13-039 Ai-kun
4x MF/S13-036 Vajra Queen
4x MF/S13-049 Aimo
4x MF/S13-050 Rainbow-Colored Kuma Kuma

The deck is void of rares. The deck is not that complicated to pilot, but there’s a certain strategy that you need to ensure runs. The main objective is to keep your stock up, tutor/fetch a vajra or two every turn, and hit heavy to clear board every turn. The deck lacks soul power punch, hence the need for the climax. Ranka is just there to fetch more vajras. Vomit vajra everyturn and swing. Reaching level 2, pull out vajra queen as the fifth vajra on board to boost everyone for additional 6k, more than enough to wipe board on 2nd level.

On defensive, expect your people to die like flies, so keeping stock high is to ensure that you can bring back more great vajras by paying 2 stock for every death.

A fun deck to play. Some say it’s competitive and some say its not. I know I have fun with it. Although I should get back to doing my Eva and Fairy Tail deck.


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