Resurrecting the dead. EVE Second Genesis


So EVE Online used to have their own CCG at one time. Fast forward 2 years later and the game died promptly after its first expansion which explored the pirate factions of each race. I don’t know what hit me, maybe it’s because I just bought a new printer, but I came across the pdf files of the demo decks and printed them out. Soon enough I was playing with them in my office.

Of course, the next level of progression was finding the card scans online and try to print a deck.

I have no idea why this game didn’t pick up and grow big. The balance was great, the mechanic was simple and the game time felt just right (roughly 20 minutes or so, give or take a few minutes). The problem with a dead game is that it can be downright impossible to hunt the cards down. The scans that are available at the moment are of low quality, but still passable. At least the tiny text can still be written. But what if you’re lazy and only want to build a full deck using the demo decks alone? How many copies of each deck do you need to print?

You came to the right article. Here’s how you build 4 x 52 card decks that are balanced between each other and are still fun to play.

1. Each racial demo deck is 3 pages, or 26 cards. 5 of those make up your Starbase and Outer Regions. So your Market demo deck only has 21 cards.

2. Now two copies of those would give you 42 cards total to your market.

3. Add in 10 cards from the other demo decks to fill it up. The easiest way is to add according to the racial icon. You also might want to spread around the asteroids from other race decks a bit as well.

4. So all in all you need to print 3 copies of each deck. 2 copies dedicated to 1 race while the remaining are made of usable pieces that are strewn across the other 3 demo decks.

So the result is a usable multiplayer fest with 52 cards each 🙂 The last 10 cards can even be shuffled and randomly distributed for some fun once a while. Maybe your group would want to mix up the ships (legally according to the deck building rules) for another breath of fresh air.

fresh air

Okay, that was a cheesy pic, but still, you get my point 🙂

Have fun!


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  1. Hi, very cool posts. (yes I am discovering it 1 year late ^^). I am currently searching for any eve ccg ressources. Do you still have those scans ?

  2. You can find the demo deck scans here:
    It’s in the files section below.

    For the rest of the cards, the best I could find are from here:
    It’s low res but it’s kinda readable. I couldn’t find higher res scans of any of the cards except those from the demo decks however.

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