L5R EE – Drafting and the Premium cards

Now that I have seen of the previewed cards for L5R Emperor edition, you can see that they have selected almost 3-5 personalities of old, to be reprinted back to Emperor Edition. The good part about it, those who have old copies may recycle their old card. The downside, tracking all the Soul of personalities are a pain for the judges and tournament organizers.

There are quite a few newly printed rares in Emperor edition and with the addition of Premium cards, it seems like most people need to get at least one-two box of boosters minimum on the initial for L5R Emperor Edition. The improvements of draft however, has made it attractive enough for most players to find cards via drafting, rather than continuous pack cracking.

I will be very excited to play in draft, it is something that i have liked in mtg that has never truly worked for l5r… until perhaps now.

As for premium cards, what’s not to like when you see full bleed image for Shiba Tsukimi such as this? Or even more, full bleed Ring of Water?

Full Bleed Ring of WaterShiba Tsukimi Xp4 - Phoenix Clan Champion

For the draft, you will use this Stronghold which is included in every pack as the backing for the Premium cards. The advantage of this draft stronghold unlike the old package stronghold is that you get in every EE pack. Secondly, the way the stronghold works, you can bring any personality of dynasty cards, facedown into play as a 2 for 2 holding. By doing this, it allows for the player to have stable holding scheme.

It remains to be seen on how this will address fate side, but the deck construction is an even 20/20. So you need to make sure you draft at least 20 fate cards to ensure your deck legality, drafting this will be interesting and fun as well.

The Governer's Estate - L5R EE Draft SH


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