Landing with Phases of Gold

The previews for Emperor Edition Strongholds have just been completed. And, after looking at one particular stronghold, i was amazed. AEG Design team seems to have produce another stronghold that will be staple for the rest of the arc.

It’s Mantis Stronghold, focused on supposedly economic warfare. It’s called Kalani’s Landing.

Where money grows by phases

EE Mantis Economic Warfare

But like any game, especially CCG, giving any access to extra gold per turn, is ridiculous. Imagine, if you combo with basic lesson, and manage to get two copies of Basic Lesson & resolve Twisted Fate first turn, you can potentially get up to maximum of 17 gold, by the start of 2nd turn. Wait.. maybe 19 gold.. I forgot Basic Lesson creates a 2gold or 3 gold producing holding. (SH 4g, 2x BL 4g, borderkeep 2g, bamboo harvesters 2g & 6g holding produce 5g. {4+2+2+2+2+5=17})

This stronghold will determine, how future cards interact, some action may exceed the 4g curve since the stronghold is almost guaranteed to be able to still pay for peeps/holding every turn. Action phase, you pay for one action, assuming something like Paid Off if it comes back, and then battle phase, you pay for turn the tide and then dynasty phase, you still have money to pay for personality. The limitation of not paying for attachment is only to hamper from making the stronghold from being fully broken.

I have of course made known in the AEG forums that this decision of theirs will also hamper future design for cards, since they need to monitor the cost of cards since the Mantis SH, in particular kalani’s Landing is able to pay for the card most of the time, with minimal cost of opportunity. Where other clans have to sacrifice their opportunity to pay for personality/holding, not so for this Mantis SH.

We will see if the Stronghold needs any MRP/Errata. But my personal opinion, this Stronghold, while created for Economic warfare, will most likely support a military control deck. Magistrate military for one.

For Mantis clan players though, enjoy it. I can already see so many potential with this stronghold.


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