MTG EDH. It’s a social game.

I was heavily playing MTG EDH decks over the last few weeks, although more heavily on the preconstructed decks by Wotc. Mine was Heavenly Inferno, using heavily on Kaalia of the West.

Of the 5 decks, Political Puppets is the least favoured one since it’s more control, and you need to have a certain controllish mentality to play that deck. We haven’t gone to test beyond 4 players EDH, sticking to mostly 1-on-1 or 3 player free for all. Again, the 5 precon decks that I have mentioned in the previous post, is rock solid against each other as is. And they do have some power rares in there as well. So for new people jumping in into EDH format, those 5 packs are a good play, or worth scavenging the boxes for what you need.

Self-construct EDH however, is a different ball game. When testing out of my own self-construct EDH, I found out the deck, while powerful, is damn annoying to play against. Which brings about another important factor when you play EDH.

“Avoid buildings decks that denies board and annoying moves against the other players. Lockdown and massive land removal is negative play experience in EDH and they might just ban the deck and everyone refuses to play with the deck and by extension, you, later.”

I tried my White Rune-Tail commander EDH, and the way it was constructed, opponent have a hard time trying to win it. I can feel their frustration as well; the deck is definitely one of those negative play experience decks (NPE). After a few games with that deck, I’ve already decided to move on… Looking for a more fun deck to play with that will interact with people more. Anyway, if you want to see, check out the deck at this link. It’s not my own deck incarnation, I pick it up online looking for inspiration and ended up building the entire deck. Rune-Tail EDH.

So I already moved on to a different project, probably among this three, vampire EDH, werewolf EDH or Merfolk EDH. Probably werewolf is the easiest with the card pool readily available in the Innistrad, since there are little cards for werewolf in the vintage format overall. Some goes for vampire, but vampires have a few cards in the last few expansions that I may need to dig for, such as M10 mythic rare, Vampiric Nocturnus.

Hopefully the deck this time around wont be so NPE, but only time will tell.

So for everyone out there, how did you build your EDH deck? And how did your group like it?

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