Yes Commander!

Had a blast of playing Commander right from the moment I picked up the Political Puppets pre-con deck. Sure, it can’t really stand toe-to-toe with self-built Commander decks, but it’s still fun to play anyway. If you’re still on the fence about jumping into the whole Commander thing, here are a few pros and cons to help you make an educated decision on whether it’s worth spending the extra time constructing a 100 card singleton deck.

1) Those cheap rares that NO ONE wants to buy in Standard scene? Why, in Commander, they’re gold. Those 2 buck rares work extremely well in Commander.
2) Despite the multiplayer tag line, it works just as well with 2 player duels.
3) It’s cheap to expand your deck. Needing 1 card sure beats needing a full play set of 4.
4) The entire Commander concept is awesome. Having a central figure that you can call upon conveniently with regularity makes the format really unique and awesome.
5) Strip Mines are legal again. As are the Weatherlight crew, possibly the best highlight of Magic in my life.

1) You will hate to shuffle. A lot. In fact, I had an idea of building an opponent shuffle centric deck, I can already imagine the number of willing opponents saying NO to the deck.
2) You’ll have to dig deep. The entire extent of your Magic knowledge and research will bore it’s fruition here. If you’re lazy like me, be prepared for a long day.
3) Killer decks actually kills the game. We all know those tiny little recursive combos that kill everyone in turn 3. In Commander, you can tune to make it happen every game. But just because you could doesn’t mean you should. Especially when you have 3 other people who just painstakingly shuffled their 99 card deck only to have it all be in vain when you turn 3 combo comes out. Negative play experience is doubled in Commander.
4) Sorrow’s Path is legal. Yes, it still sucks.
5) Not all Legends can be Commanders. Even the legal ones.

So don’t be afraid and head on over. Meanwhile I’ll be searching for cheap a Legendary Creature to build a deck out of it.


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