Preparing for Emperor Edition

Every monday, AEG will start showing all the 4 strongholds that a clan will received in the base set, Emperor Edition. So far, Lion, Phoenix and Dragon has been previewed and while i like to name a few stronghold as lazy in design, since they cut and paste from different stronghold and change only the trigger word.. such as followers to weapons.. (if you follow the preview, you now which ones i’m talking about.) The overall feel is good. Looking at the 4 SH, you can tell that they run almost different decks all together.

Of course, I’m excited over phoenix stronghold, and while the first 3 previews showed an honor stronghold, I just hope that AEG have enough sense not to reprint Only Action Speaks, and provide some alternate honor meta that doesn’t outright kill the deck type.

Somehow, there are many players who planned to return to L5R or even new players starting the game. So what do you need to restart the game?

First and foremost, there are 3 legal expansions that is dual-bugged, (Celestial and Emperor edition legal). And among those, a few assorted promos as well.

1) Before the Dawn (BTD)
– This set in terms of power level, not that great, whether in CE or EE, but i do see certain common / uncommon that very well may be staple for the next part of the block, such as, Forging Destiny. Time will tell whether this set is that greatly required.

2) Forgotten Legacy (FL)
– A must get set. For one, there are numerous staples there, such Colonial Harbor, A game of dice to name a few. And seeing that it’s a direct to player set with complete playsets, costing only around USD100, (exclude shipping), this is a must get set.

3) The Second City (SC)
– So far, most previews have shown that the power level of the card is higher than BTD. More importantly, it seems the set has included cards that will prove to be very useful, especially the “Spirit of xxx” series. Giving keyword traits or giving the peeps with those traits additional useful related abilities.

4) Kotei 2011 Promo pack.
– There are only a few good cards in there, but I’m sure that once EE goes into the first and second expansion past the base set, it can be replaced. Freely given if you participated any kotei 2011. If not, you may just ask the TO for any spare, they may have some.

5) Gencon 2011 Promo pack
– Available via AEG store. Costing only USD30 for 50 cards, making it less than a dollar each, are few assorted promos that for me, you may, or may not use. Similar to Kotei 2011 promo, it’s a hit and miss thing.

Finally, everyone is waiting for Emperor edition base set. Promised by AEG to be a premium quality product, we will see if that meets the expectation. Starting off with 4 themes on the get go, it promises enough variation for people to stay loyal to a clan, or at most a 2nd clan, mainly due similar cardpool/theme to the main clan, such as magistrate, scout or any such.

I for one is excited for EE, but waiting for EE itself is tiring in nature.. most of the players locally are also waiting for the base set refresh… unfortunately, waiting for another 3 months is a paiinnnn…… Lucky for me though… I just got Disgaea 4 yesterday….. nightly grinding Item world, here we go!!!


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