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It’s L5R off season again. While waiting for second city, and for most, waiting for the arrival of Emperor Edition base set, most of the local players have gone to muck around with random games.
Four of them lost to Pokemon, of all things. Three of them go play random dead games, like VS System and Lord of the Rings. (Decipher version), a few goes off playing back Warmachine Hordes and assorted table top mini games and some are lost to more casual games such deckbuilding games like Resident Evil.
Where does that leave me? I got bored and of all things, happen to chance upon the dreaded game of all… Magic the gathering.

I did a bit of research, and curses would call it for me to look upon the game as the game begins to define one of the new extended format. Namely, Modern format. It’s been recently named official format by Wizards, making it an official format for major tourneys and should encourage widespread coverage.
So what does this format legalized? Basically, all cards printed from 8th Ed onwards until now is legal for Modern. That’s a lot of expansion, 32, excluding the upcoming expansion, it’s these sets.
• Eighth Edition
• Mirrodin
• Darksteel
• Fifth Dawn
• Champions of Kamigawa
• Betrayers of Kamigawa
• Saviors of Kamigawa
• Ninth Edition
• Ravnica: City of Guilds
• Guildpact
• Dissension
• Coldsnap
• Time Spiral (including timeshifted cards and future-frame cards)
• Planar Chaos
• Future Sight
• Tenth Edition
• Lorwyn
• Morningtide
• Shadowmoor
• Eventide
• Shards of Alara
• Conflux
• Alara Reborn
• Magic 2010
• Zendikar
• Worldwake
• Rise of the Eldrazi
• Magic 2011
• Scars of Mirrodin
• Mirrodin Besieged
• New Phyrexia
• Magic 2012
• Innistrad (effective September 30, 2011)

Naturally, every format has a list of Banned Cards:
• Ancestral Vision
• Ancient Den
• Bitterblossom
• Chrome Mox
• Dark Depths
• Dread Return
• Glimpse of Nature
• Golgari Grave-Troll
• Great Furnace
• Hypergenesis
• Jace, the Mind Sculptor
• Mental Misstep
• Seat of the Synod
• Sensei’s Divining Top
• Stoneforge Mystic
• Skullclamp
• Sword of the Meek
• Tree of Tales
• Umezawa’s Jitte
• Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
• Vault of Whispers

So what does this all mean? For me, I’m more interested in these format since it means I can reuse some of my old cards.. mainly from the mirrodin block. However, as interesting as it is, I know there are many uber rares in this modern format, so what I’m actually more keen, is Modern Pauper format. This format, is Modern, as per the above. But instead of having the entire database access, it’s comprised of only common cards in that Modern sets.

So that makes the game much cheaper and more casual. Having played for L5R for years, and still playing, I’m not about to spend major money into another CCG. So I’m not going to hunt for the mythics and the planeswalker, no matter how cool or that crucial to be put in your deck to make it work. Cheaper also means that commons are more widely available and forgotten as compared to uncommons and rares.

The only real problem to Modern Pauper, is finding a shop that would sanction the tournament on regular basis…. Issues… definitely issues….


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