Return to the Girl with her ‘Jacks… and Iron Men.

Okay, so you grew bored with your battlebox and still want a jack heavy army. You need something simple and easy to carry around while still able to handle hordes of infantry and not die a premature death.

Let’s start with our little girl:

pSorscha (+5 WJ)

She comes in your battlebox, she’s not so simple to use. She needs most of the focus for herself as well. So what do you do? You get focus efficient ‘jacks for one. Let’s start with out 15 pointer:


Spriggans and Destroyers are relatively cheap to handle requiring 1 focus to get the best out of them. Reinholdt is definitely worth it to reload her handcannon.

+ Destroyer
+ War Dog

More bombards, more fun. The War Dog is added protection for Sorscha.

+ Spriggan

This is where the infantry are piling up, so you need more clearance power. You can plug in the Devastator here as well but I like the utility of the Spriggan more.

+ full MoW Bombardiers
+ Manhunter
+ Koldun Lord

This is just to fill up the ranks and introducing more firepower. Though at this point all hell breaks loose and you should pepper the battlefield as much as possible.

Not sure how this list can hold up, but it seems pretty fun so far. If you want to skip the progression, that’s fine. You can also do this for 35 points:

Destroyer x2
Spriggan x2
Koldun Lord

At 50 you just add:
Full MoW Bombardiers
Min Mechanics + UA

That should keep me busy for a while 🙂

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