WS Macross Frontier pure red deck not possible… or is it?

So I made a deck that often got the unfair labeling of “the deck that’ll never work well”. If an Alto-centric red based deck. It’s not easy and it uses only 8 cards to pummel your opponent to death with, the other cards are just for setup to make this happen. Play it right, and you’re going to get 3 level 3 cards during level 2. Even if you don’t play it right, you’ll end your game with 3 level 3 cards in front regardless.

Here’s the deck, Two-timing Alto:


MF/S13-073 CR Wings of Goodbye x4

MF/S13-075 CC Lion x4

Level 0:

MF/S13-066 C Approaching Her Feelings Monica x3

MF/S13-059 U Canaria Berstein x3

MF/S13-058 U Goth Loli Trap Alto x3 (or Chibi Alto, both serve the same purpose).

MF/S13-064 C Mayan Island Alto x3

MF/S13-067 C Being Toyed by Sheryl Alto x4

Level 1:

MF/S13-053 R Point Blank Distance Alto & Ranka x4

MF/S13-054 R Escaping From the Vajra Alto & Sheryl x4

MF/S13-061 U VB-6 Koenig Monster (Canaria Type) x4

Level 2:

MF/S13-055 R Pilot’s Pride Alto x4

MF/S13-062 U Triangular Conclusion Alto x4 (a.k.a T.C. Alto)

MF/S13-071 U Escape From Alcatraz x2

Level 3:

MF/S13-057s/r R Triangular Alto x4 (a.k.a Tri Alto)

The big winners in this deck are Canaria, T.C. Alto and Tri Alto. The rest simply make the transition so that T.C. Alto and Tri Alto can work together. Canaria does a wonderful job of milling your deck for Tri Alto’s, which is what T.C. Alto needs. The fact that she can return guys to your hand (usually this is Pilot’s Pride Alto) is a big bonus.

I don’t think the deck is that hard to play, but you have to make calls on when NOT to use special triggers. This deck relies on you keeping track of your deck size so you don’t shuffle and refresh prematurely.

Yes, I know the amount of rares are staggering. There’s like, what? 20 rares there? But the only rares you REALLY need are the Level 3’s and Wings of Goodbye. Canaria, her Monster and T.C Alto are much needed uncommons. The rest are gravy and it really doesn’t matter what you put inside. You can even splash other colours in place of Level 1’s and most of Level 0’s if you want, but keep in mind that your Level 0’s need to be somewhat able to tough out a bit.

So that’s my two cents on MF’s pure Red deck. I can think of another variant with mechas but the big problem is that all mechas are Level 2, with the exception of VF-27 Lucifer and the VB-6 Monster being Level 1.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your deck idea. I was wondering what I could do with red and not follow the blue level 3 staple. I wanted to ask about the level 3 red card what does it exactly do with the cards returning to hand and such? Thanks

    • The only function of this card is to attack with 1 copy of your Lvl 3 Alto twice. This is usually done when you only have 1 other standing character that you don’t mind exchanging places with the Lvl 3 Alto. The drawback is that you’ll create an empty slot in your front row but you’ll get to draw a card in exchange (from the Lvl 3’s come into play auto trigger).

  2. thanks

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