Quick Gaming Tips #1: White board marker

Carbon copy from my tumblr:

This works for miniature games with cards and even card games to an extent. Your only requirements other than a white board marker are card sleeves.

Instead of remembering what each token means and calculating or what status effects affect which units, or even what honour you’re on in L5R, just scribble the sleeved cards with a white board marker. Mark it’s current stats so players can look at a glance and know exactly what’s the current value. Does it have a negative poison state? Just scribble a “P” there to remind both of you what’s on it.

You can simply wipe off the marker at the end of the game and continue with a new one. No more fishing for specific counters or remembering what a generic counter means, just scribble exactly what happens and you won’t find your opponent asking “what’s this card’s power again?” every turn.


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