On RED ALERT!!! The need for speed!

There’s a 90% chance that I’ll be on gaming hiatus for the next 4 month-ish or so (or shorter).  The baby can safely come out after 2 more weeks but she’s due for 2 more months. So anything goes from here on end and my area of roaming just got a lot more smaller, at least until after confinement. So in the meantime, my gaming fix will have to be stoked with collecting at a snail’s pace and thinking up of new lists/decks while I’m out to keep me fresh and updated.

If WM Malaysia doesn’t die after 4 months, I’ll be back with a Strakhov Black Ops list (and another hybrid) as well as a Constance Army of Light list, both at around 35 points or so (maybe 50, since it’s not really a big jump to get there). It will be faster if someone wants to buy my current Khador stuff that I find to be lackluster atm. Yes, jack heavy can become boring. Who would’ve thunk?

In the meantime I’ll have to devise either a deck, list or play style that can let me conclude a game within an hour and a half at most, since I foresee myself only having a couple of hours at most to game from this point on. So tournament plays are going to be a little bit tricky to get by >.> So that means I’ll be looking at techniques that’ll save time on the table and get multi coloured dice (with specific purposes) to speed up rolls and record keeping. I’ll be sharing those here as well, of course :p And there’s that ever going search for the fastest speed paint tech I can find to get my army up and running at break neck speed. Also need to revise on a card cataloging system to build decks faster too. Storage issues will be studied for fast access.

And I got 4 months to do it 🙂 Fun.


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