Trading my furry hat for electricity! (not really, it’s….)

…the John Woo ‘jack called the Minuteman… and Constance Blaize. Yup, the mighty red imperials under Empress Ayn Vanar has grown thin and lackluster for me, time to bury the hatchet and pick up the shiny sword and mace. The reason for this defection is simple: Constance Blaize is a damn pretty model 🙂 Being surrounded by men not afraid to die is all the more sweeter.

The main man... errr.... woman herself!

Like all casters, I like the 15 points maximum tier exercise. Coming up with hers is easy. She can go to Tier 3.

Tier 3- 15 pointer:

Constance (-6)

Minuteman (5) (feel free to plug the Lancer in here, I like this jack more)

Minimum Percursor Knights (5)

Minimum Percursor Knights (5)

Percursor Knights Unit Attachment (0)

Alain Runewood (3)

Harlan Versh (2)

I realise I’m wasting one jack point with the Minuteman, but I feel it’s worth it. It keeps my 25 point option simple by adding these two and leaving out Harlan Versh:


Minimum Sword Knights

Is it a good plan? I have no idea. But it sure looks like a swell one. Keeping it to 25 seems short and sweet. Extending to 35 won’t be a problem, I’ll just extend every infantry to full and reinstate Harlan. Or I can keep one unit of Percursor Knights to a minimum and employ Junior. Either way it’s cool.

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