Warp Speed Ensign Sulu!

Space battles, simple rules and 500 points right off the box. That’s Firestorm Armada for you. It’s a game with a cheap start-up and an equally cheaper expansion plan. Since each blister is somewhat a reliant unit of its own, you use them right away upon purchase. But the main highlight of the game is the ships.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have differing designs to tickle most fancy. When you can have this become a reality:

A picture is worth a thousand words

…you know you have something fun there :p

For me, it reminds me of big EVE online fleet battles. Though this game has proper starfighters housed within the battleships and carriers this time, making it more akin to Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars. Got meself a fleet of Relthozan which look like EVE online’s Caldari ships. I have half a mind of mass producing Merlin-like fighter tokens :p

The models are crisp, but the flash is annoying. I think I kinda marred the window details of the cruisers but eh, no worries. Putting them on stands are a challenge too. I’m thinking of just gluing them on and hope the stems don’t break off during transport (yeah…. transport is another issue). The good thing is that the battleship is a little over 6 inches long. The bad thing is that there are no known army foams that support Firestorm Armada’s unique footprint.

Already assembled, removed the flashes, cleaned and primed the models. Tonight I’ll finish them off by painting them in a factory assembly line style, using only 1 colour at a time. Hopefully I can get it down in a couple of hours.

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