A touch of eternity bug

L5R Forgotten Legacy previews have gone halfway. And among the cards, three cards stands out in the set. Unlike the rest of the cards being dual bugged, meaning that it’s legal for Celestial Edition block, which is the current block. Emperor edition block, which will start in Oct/Nov 2011. These cards are legal for the set after Emperor edition, meaning in terms of legality, these cards are legal for the next 4 years. That’s a long lifespan for some of these cards.

As pictured above, on the top right hand corner of the text box, is a red ink legality bug. The symbol means literally Eternity.

While it’s cool for collectors who happen to play L5R now, I do hope that they will reprint this somehow in the base set after Emperor’s Edition. It just seems a rather huge advantage for those who gotten the cards from 2 years ago.

But knowing AEG, they will reprint these cards later anyway. So, while you still have the advantage with these cards, enjoy.


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