Boring characters don’t mean they’re bad

Boring Duncan

I was taking a look at atoracle and noticed a slew of really boring looking characters with only one or two abilities (I’m looking at you, Janus Faith). But another thing I noticed about these boring characters is that they’re actually quite flexible.


For having a pitiful amount of abilities prevented them from shoehorning certain roles. That just made them able to fill other roles that are missing from your squad without you batting an eyelash.

i.e: You know that you’d put Cordelia as a hidden sniper. Everyone knows that’s the role she’s going to play. You’d also know that Daniella is an artillery piece. But Duncan Reid? Kronen? They’re both pitifully boring characters but they can be put forth as charging strikers, covering flankers or just plain ol’ tankers. And they can change their roles pretty easily mid-game.

Having 1 or 2 situational abilities means an abundance in AP’s. Remember that by default you can counter-attack with 3 AP’s, so that’s nothing to snuff at. Intercepting and having a spare AP for dodging can be very helpful as well. So take another look at your character roster, single out those that seem boring to you. Are they REALLY that useless? Think again.


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