Anima Tactics: Oh no!

Yes, talk about a USD36 startup, Anima Tactics is certainly the next “in” thing that entered my neighbourhood recently. It’s a miniatures game with really small model count featuring anime-like characters in terms of power levels and style. The minis are awesome to look at too. A minimum of 4-5 models or so and you’re set to go. Not only does my “army” gets painted super fast with the low model count, it’s easy on the pockets too.

Is the game going to last long? I don’t know, honestly. It has all the hallmarks of a bushfire game (meaning it starts fast, it dies out fast as well) but I’ve been wrong with my assessment before with Warmachine. From the outset the game looks similar to Malifaux, but the models are less “icky”, so to say. Not that there aren’t evil looking models in AT, but at least everything looks pretty in its anime way.

I haven’t had my first game yet but I’m having the vibe that it’s going to be brutal. Every model is unique and has their own special abilities, even the grunt-like agents (which are customizable btw).

I’ll probably take my time painting these because of the hero characteristics of each model. At least it breaks the monotonous feeling of painting “yet another common soldier arrrrggghhh” syndrome. It’s gonna be fun 🙂

p/s: Toybox and Comics Mart are having a small discount, 3x RM35 models for RM100. The guy at Comics Mart says the discount will be there as long as the distributor says so. So far, the distributor’s being nice about it 🙂


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