In the jungle the mighty jungle…

Just had Before the Dawn pre-release event today and it was an awesome comeback to L5R. With the Phoenix, Crab and Lion up for grabs, I decided to go for the kitties because I haven’t played with them before. I’ve played a bit of the rest but Lion? Nope, never touched it. And I did pretty okay as well for a guy that hasn’t played L5R for months. Here’s the lowdiwn on what happened:

Round 1: vs Lion.

There were a lot of Lions and Crabs in the pre-release and the chances of me meeting either one of these two clans is high. So my first draw was up with a Lion. For my deck construction, I decided to stick with an all Lion ensemble provided by the starter deck. Which was a good call because the Lion economy is notorious for being bad to cater for out of clan peeps in sealed. I won by honour from winning battles but never having enough to blow a single province.

I think I made a few miscalculations from those failed attempts but most of the time I didn’t really intend to take the province in the first place.

Round 2: vs Phoenix

This was a pleasant change from facing another Lion. Was caught up by going for honour at first before I made a silly error of attacking with a lone dishonoured Matsu Yosa. Such foolishness caused her death and me losing 4 honour, causing such a terrible honour tempo that I totally switched gears to military (I tried to play Peasant Vengeance without any followers, that was super duper dumb).

After that it was simply managing my peep count and keep smashing provinces till I had four of them. Oh and the mere presence of Akodo Kobi was a godsend.

Round 3: vc Phoenix.

This one is against Inzen. This game is also notorious for making a lot of miscalculations in key battles. There was a gambit where I threatened 3 provinces and could’ve made away with 2 of them if it wasn’t for the meddling miscalculations. That and a show of holdings 3 turns in a row leading up to my defeat meant that it was game.

Oh yeah, he went military on me in this round and swooped down the Lion fields with flying chickens and equally cavalry alchemists or something. Being plagued by Rumormongers didn’t help either.

But overall it was a good day. Came in 3rd and managed to swipe a couple of packs, which isn’t too shabby. The new boxes are gorgeous however. I wonder if a kind soul can provide me with the Crane one :3


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  1. Great article! Can’t wait till i can get my hands on the new lion cards 😛 Just wondering though, does Akodo Kobi come as the fixed card in the lion starter deck or did you have to pull her from some packs? I really want her for my deck but i dont want to have to go through a ton of boosters of searching 😦

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