Post-Kotei Burn-UP!!

You didn’t read it wrong.. it’s post kotei burn UP.

In contrast, after any major event such as Kotei, usually it’s downspiral as people burn out playing L5R.

But here, it’s the opposite, somehow after Kotei, everyone is fired up to play more and more… much to my surprise…. People seems more hyped up to play, maybe due to the good turnout for Malaysian Kotei of 33 players… Frankly, the number of overall players in Malaysia is over 40, but every Kotei time, there’s always random stuff that crops up for a lot of people.

The good news is that Release for Before the Dawn is just around the corner. If all goes well, this sunday is the release date. Post-BtD, finally Phoenix Magistrates will get some screen time… Let’s hope they shape up nicely for the upcoming GenCon 2011.

Emerald Edition theme shows inquisitors as a theme for Phoenix…. Now… cosplay for Kotei 2012, with Phoenix inquisitions….. interesting…

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  1. You’ll need long fake fingernails and play blindfolded to be an uber Inquisitor in next year’s Kotei 😛

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