A Tale of Two Singers: Starting next week!

Ranka and Sheryl. They don't look this angry in the cards

The upcoming Sunday (April 10th) at Toysbar, Atria, there will be a TD tournament for Shana and Macross F. I’m not really too hot over Shana (pardon the pun), but Macross F however, now that’s another different story altogether.

The Mac F TD is Yellow and Green, featuring Sheryl and Ranka respectively (I betcha Alto will be Red and Mihail will be Blue in the boosters). Two seemingly interesting cards are both Climax triggers. Ranka triggers a deck search mechanism while Sheryl grants a Climax like effect by granting everyone +1000 Power and +1 Soul. These two cards are worth buying 4 Trial Decks by itself, because the only other alternative is to hunt down for the SR’s in boosters, which is… hard >.>

Anyway, I can see Song and Pilot centric decks from the fly, but some Ranka and Sheryl cards are really good as splash supports for just about any deck. Call me crazy, but I think Ranka is the heavy hitter in the TD. When you see a 2/2 Ranka with 2 Soul and a discard a card Encore ability, you know that it’s a solid card. The Power is 8000 but who cares? The Encore ability more than makes up for the missing 1000 Power.

The TD’s Climax feature Hurricane, the Bag and the double Soul. The Hurricane is a pleasant surprise and I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it 🙂


Also new is the EP only expansion of Katanagatari. Katanagatari the anime itself is pretty unique. It features 12 one hour episodes that was released monthly. I can tell you that I like the story (I even stomached the first episode) and I’m super hyped about this expansion. But being an EP only release, collecting it will be hard on the wallet.

He's actually pretty good. Makes sense he doesn't have cavalry.

In the meantime, Before the Dawn previews are already beginning in the world of L5R. The Cranes are getting back their Asahina, the Mantis keep their economic stranglehold mechanics and the Unicorn’s latest seems like a very good attacker. We might see some inkling of EE’s themes implemented in this expansion but not in such an overt way.  Is this set worth getting at least 4 boxes? I would hazard a yes. Dual bugged expansions are always hot potatoes and their value goes for a longer time period, take Low Stance for example.

Still too early to make a judgment on how the set will be like but I’m liking what I see so far.

So many stuff in such a small amount of time ;_; *sigh*

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