Wrestling with rares (WS ones)

I finally did it. I took out the rares and special rares and double rares and triple rares out of the folder and started to populate my deck building box with it. Granted, some combo centric ones will still not work but some quirky play might get them some table time.

I’m starting to experiment with single colour decks (only did Melty Blood blue so far with curry loving Ciel being the star of the deck) and I discovered how diverse each part of the same colour is. I’ll probably mix them up again at some point in the near future but I’m still trying to find out the right mix. Pretty soon, I won’t even have to worry about limiting myself to a couple of colours once the design pattern becomes apparent.

So far what I’ve got from Melty Blood is that:

Blue: Surprisingly generates a healthy amount of stock and card cycle. You can more or less find yourself in a better situation every other turn or so.

Red: Handles your side of the table manipulation really well. Jumping in and out of Waiting Rooms can be quite handy.

These two colours also like side attack more than direct ones. More observation later as I build more decks.

*sigh* Looks like I won’t be trading off any rares until I have extras then, with the way things are going.

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